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British Columbia boasts a rich culture and breathtaking wild spaces, especially the mountains that will leave you in awe. Its natural features attract millions of tourists each year. However, for someone to enjoy what British Columbia has to offer, planning is crucial. Here are some of the options you have in BC.

Savor some Breakfast

British Columbia spoils you for choice when it comes to food. From seafood to Mediterranean cuisine, there is much to choose from. Having eaten, you are now ready to face the day.

Visit the Cradle of British Columbia’s History

The history of British Columbia starts at the Fort Langley National Historic Site. Tourists can even see and touch the table where the colonial proclamation was signed. The fort dated back to 1827 and was meant for the fur trade. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities at the fort, from audio tours to blacksmiths.

Plan for a Shopping Spree

British Columbia is rich in art and fashion. A good way for tourists to remember their trip to BC is by shopping for some souvenirs. Souvenirs can be in many forms, such as art, vintage and even designers. BC has many shopping outlets where tourists can buy from.

Eat Lunch

One might get pretty hungry after touring BC all morning. Therefore, eating lunch at a nice restaurant is the least one can do. British Columbia has very welcoming people, and even more welcoming cuisines. The restaurants have lovely views and tasty meals. The lunch will pump a tourist for the afternoon.

The Walking Trail in Langley

The fort-to-fort trail is a must-visit while in British Columbia. The trail links the Hudson’s Bay Fort to the Fort Langley National Historic Site. The trail has breathtakingly beautiful scenery full of wildflowers and vegetation.

Wine Tasting

Who doesn’t like some good wine? Some country roads in BC have wine grapes! BC also has over 10 acres of planted vineyards. Therefore, there are a few wineries you can visit to enjoy some bubbly wine. There are over 80 grape varieties produced in BC, making their wine collection worth the attention.

Is British Columbia the New Hawaii?

BC has magical scenes that tourists can enjoy. It is a great destination to relax and worth spending on.