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Canada has many well-known destinations that feature natural beauty, culture and education, or various exciting experiences. Toronto has its famous museums, zoo, and castle; Niagara Falls offers a stunning view of nature’s power, and Vancouver’s skyline is widely known. But Canada boasts several lesser-known destinations that deserve to be seen.

Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park

This provincial park is found at Lake Athabasca’s southern shore, stretching nearly 100 kilometers. Dune tower, reaching peaks of 30 meters tall. In addition, their ecosystem features exotic insects, animals, and plants that are not commonly seen. It is difficult to access, requiring a trip by floatplane. But this adventure is one not soon forgotten.

Alberta’s Dinosaur Provincial Park

A UNESCO, or United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Heritage Site located in Alberta’s southeastern region, this park is home to numerous fossil beds. These have aided in the identification of almost 35 dinosaur species, making this destination both fun and educational for the entire family. This park, in Alberta’s badlands, boasts among the most important discoveries of fossils ever made from the so-called Age of Reptiles.

British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii

Another difficult to access gem of Canada, Haida Gwaii is a moss-covered rainforest that features a unique ecosystem boasting hidden ancient villages. One can consider it to be Canada’s version of Machu Picchu. Consisting of 150 rocky islands, it has more than 500 archeological sites. It is a mesmerizing landscape and ecosystem.

Manitoba’s Parkland Region

With mountain peaks and woodlands rife with rivers and lakes, this region’s landscape is stunning. With plenty of trails for nature-lovers to conquer, the area also has a number of eateries to satisfy foodies. The views of this location leave visitors in awe.

Quebec’s Sucrerie de la Montagne

Anyone planning on visiting Montreal, or the wider province of Quebec, should definitely plan on seeing Sucrerie de la Montagne. It is a heritage destination that is actually a historical sugar shack. This location offers a variety of activities for visitors, ranging from carriage rides, the chance to consume pulled maple taffy, and live music. Tourists get a fun-filled day filled with activities that normally they would not have the opportunity to experience. Mind dental hygiene afterward, given the sugar.