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There are few outdoor activities more popular in Canada than skiing. As a result, the country is home to many notable ski resorts. Each one has something to offer for skiers of all experience levels.

Located in British Columbia, Big White is among the most popular. In addition to skiing it also offers opportunities for snowboarding. It is a man-made village where cars are not permitted. This family friendly resort has child care facilities so that adult guests can enjoy their time on the slopes. The day care center includes a shop that caters specifically to children, selling sweet treats and ski clothing.

When it comes time to ski, the rolling mountains allow for an exhilarating experience. Populated with many trees, guests will feel as if they are skiing through a forest. The smaller slopes are ideal for inexperienced skiers, while there is also rough terrain for those with more experience.

There are other ways for guests to entertain themselves at this resort. The Snowshoe Sam is a dining establishment that serves beer and often features live music performances. The Happy Valley Lodge is home to The Moose Lounge, which is known for its vibrant happy hours. For those who prefer a different type of dining experience the resort has an Italian restaurant called 6 Degrees Bistro.

Another popular ski resort is Marmot Basin, found in the Jasper National Park. The resort’s nickname is The Big Friendly. Guests will find that the resort is welcoming of families. Though the ski area is small, it boasts trails lined with trees, as well as alpine snowfields that make for some challenging courses. All it takes to get to the peak of the hills is a short walk. Local skiers often flock to Dupres Chutes and Charles Bowl. Located deep into the wilderness, this is one of the most tranquil ski resorts in Canada.

Hardcore skiers often prefer the Whistler Blackcomb, found in British Columbia. The resort is named after its two twin peaks and spans more than 8,000 acres. There are three points throughout the resort that guests can use to access its mountains. They are the Upper Village, Whistler Village, and Whistler Creekside. These areas are easily accessible and provide plenty of space for skiing.